Polar bears and beer. We love them both.

Carbon neutral brewing

In a world where there’s more talk about sustainability than action, we have designed our brewery to be sustainable and carbon neutral.

According to a study done by LCA Consulting Finland, the brewing at planned the Everyman’s Right Brewery can achieve a net zero carbon footprint.

With our brewery, we’ll set a sustainable example for the brewing industry. When our production is underway, we will also work on making our brewing process carbon negative. So instead of warming the planet, we are trying to cool it – beer by beer.

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Our four steps to achieve a net zero carbon footprint


Biogas production

We will transfer our spent grains (mash), hops and yeast for biogas production, the biogas will be used to produce energy for our brewing process. Any excess biogas can be used to generate green energy or it can be refined as fuel for vehicles.


CO2 recovery and purifying

We will collect and purify the CO2 from our fermentation tanks and reuse it for carbonating beer and the filling process. The excess CO2 can be bottled and sold to beer pubs and restaurants.


Heat recovery

We will recover the excess heat from our process and use it to preheat the warm water needed for production and cleaning.


Green electricity

We commit to using only green energy. We are currently negotiating with green energy companies about investing in a solar power plant on our rooftop or yard. If they invest in our solar plant, we will buy energy from them.