Everyman’s Right Brewery aims to be the first carbon negative craft brewery in the world

Finnish craft brewery begins beer production using 100% renewable energy sources


Helsinki, May 25th, 2018 - Leading independent Finnish lifecycle assessment company, LCA Consulting Oy, carried out a carbon footprint study of the brewery’s production plans. Based on this lifecycle assessment study, Everyman’s Right Brewery can start their planned one million liter production and achieve a net carbon zero footprint, and the production can be scaled up to millions of liters sustainably. After production has started, the Everyman’s Right Brewery will be the first brewery in the world to become carbon negative.

In their process, Everyman’s Right Brewery will recycle spent grains to produce their own biogas, which will provide energy for their production. Any excess biogas can be used to generate electricity, or it can be refined for traffic use. The company will also invest in carbon collecting and purifying, and recycle the purified CO2 for use in their production. Excess CO2 will be pressurized and sold to pubs and restaurants. The brewery will commit to using green electricity from their own solar plant or from the grid. All this, combined with heat recovery systems, will lower the brewery’s carbon footprint.

“Consumers’ interest in craft beer has been growing for years. And around the world, they are asking more questions about the products they consume, about how they are made and how sustainable they are. Our target is to export our beer globally, so differentiating from the competition is very important for us. If we can also influence climate change at the same time, everyone wins”, says co-founder and head brewer, Jussi Hukkanen, from Everyman’s Right Brewery. “With this example, our mission is to make the whole brewing industry more climate-friendly and sustainable.”

”Performing a lifecycle assessment study of the brewery before initial investments and beginning production highlighted the production processes which are critical to achieving carbon neutral brewing. At the same time, the brewery got a holistic overview of the energy needed for production and of energy and resources which can be recycled back into the process. The results can be used to plan investments and optimize production.” says the CEO of LCA Consulting, Antti Niskanen.

Everyman’s Right Brewery has started a crowdfunding equity campaign at FundedByMe: www.fundedbyme.com


More information:
Antti Suikkari, 050 347 5015, antti@everymansright.com
Jussi Hukkanen, 040 769 4522, jussi@everymansright.com

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About Everyman’s Right Brewery

Everyman's Right Brewery will be the first carbon neutral craft brewery in the world. The company aims to differentiate itself from other global craft breweries by producing climate-friendly beers targeted at the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers. The founders of Everyman's Right Brewery – Jussi Hukkanen, Antti Suikkari and Keijo Kemppainen – have years of experience in brewing beer, importing and distributing alcoholic beverages, industrial scale production processes, and marketing, sales and entrepreneurship.