About the brewery


With our experience, background and professional network, we have not only designed our brewery to be sustainable and carbon neutral, but we have prepared for growing demand for sustainable beer in the future.

This is why our initial investment includes a certain level of automation, and enough brewing and filling capacity to avoid possible bottle necks when the demand grows. These investments will enable us to grow without the need to renew our brewing equipment in the coming years.


Production space & capacity


Our brewery will be an open space of 1000 - 1500 square meters to host brewhouse, fermentation tanks, filling and packaging lines, and warehouse. In this space our production can be scaled up to 6-8 million liters per year.

With our planned 40 hl brewhouse and 100 000 - 150 000 liter fermentation capacity we can make 1.0 - 1.5 million liters of beer per year and this can be easily scaled up to 3 million liters by just adding more fermentation capacity. 



Initial investment of 4,5 million euros


For the initial investment, we will receive 35% investment support (1.7 million €) from local ELY Centre and Business Finland.

This lowers the initial financing need to 2.8 million euros:

  • 0.8 – 1.2 million euros from crowdfunding
  • 0.8 – 1.0 million euros financing from Finnvera (financed by the State of Finland)
  • 0.8 – 1.0 million euros financing from bank

possible solar energy investment

At this point we are committed to only buying green energy from the network. We have roughly 1200 square meters of usable rooftop, which can accommodate a 200 kW solar plant. On the land on our site we can fit another 300 kW plant to power our production.

We are currently negotiating with green energy companies about investing in a solar power plant on our rooftop and/or land. If they invest in our solar plant, we will commit to buy energy from them, and only additional energy from the network.

It is also possible that we will be able to invest in the plant ourselves, depending on how the crowfunding campaign goes.

Future investments

In 2020, additional fermentation capacity

  • 250 000 euro investment to increase fermentation capacity by 100 000 liters
    • Total production capacity raises to 2 million liters per year

In 2021, additional biogas module

  • 300 000 euro investment to increase biogas reactor capacity
    • The biogas process can handle waster from 3 million liter yearly production

In 2022, additional fermentation capacity and additional biogas module

  • 500 000 euro investment to increase fermentation capacity by 200 000 liters
    • Total production capacity raises to 4 million liters per year

After 2022

  • Larger investments are needed to double our brewing capacity, this will include also investments to additional fermantation and biogas production capacity
  • At that point, a new equity round will be considered
  • We see this as a positive challenge, and as a proof of succesfull concept and strategy