Polar bears and beer. We love them both.

Our beers 

Everyman’s Right Brewery is the only craft beer company with a carbon-neutral brewing process. Our beer will be the most sustainable choice available for beer pubs, restaurants and stores who serve environmentally conscious consumers.

Our beer will be made in Finland, from the best quality water in the world. Although our sustainability will be state-of-the-art, our brewing methods will be traditional while still using modern brewing technology like hop guns and centrifuges to get the best and freshest hop flavors and quality for our beers.

Would you like to sell our beers?

Our first sustainable beers will be available in 2020.

Get in touch if you are interested in partnering up and distributing our sustainable beers in your market, or want to have them on your beer taps, or store shelves.


Why cans are the sustainable choice for packaging

Cans are emerging as the more environmentally conscious choice due to their recyclability and a lightweight design. Cans weigh much less than glass bottles and stack more easily, meaning they can be shipped more efficiently and cheaply, greatly reducing the carbon footprint associated with distribution.

Our cans are made from 100% recycled aluminium.

Yes, we also do bottles...

Cans are our main format for consumers but some of our super-premium and small batch beers are also available in glass bottles. And all our beers are also available in 30 liter kegs for pubs and restaurants.


We are using the best ingredients available


Based on UNESCO study, the water in Finland is the cleanest water in the world and it contains a minimal amount of minerals, which makes it perfect for brewing beer.


We only use Finnish malted barley. Finnish barley is ripened by the midnight sun. The long summer nights do their magic with the barley and make it one of the world's most nutrient rich barleys.

Hops and yeasts

We have partnered up with world's leading hop distributors and yeast producers to secure the freshest hops and guaranteed deliveries, and the freshest and purest yeasts.