Polar bears and beer. We love them both.

Our values stem from the clean nature

At Everyman’s Right Brewery, we produce climate-friendly and sustainable beers which will be better for the environment. We’re doing it because we believe everyone should have the right to enjoy nature in the future, too.

Here up North we value nature and the environment; the water is the purest in the world and the air is the cleanest in the world. And everyone has the right to enjoy it.

Everyman’s Right is a Nordic term and it means that everyone has the right to roam on other people’s land and do what is traditionally believed to be reasonable, as long as they don’t harm nature – or break the law.

You can swim in lakes, wander in the woods, pick berries and collect mushrooms from the forest, be amazed by northern lights or hug a polar bear if you dare to. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from – you have the right and freedom to do so. 


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Great stories often start with beer, so does this one...

In 2011, two strangers, Jussi (a brewer) and Antti (a marketer), met at Jussi's brewery restaurant in Savonlinna, Finland. Beers were tasted, great stories were told, friendship was bonded, and the world was corrected in multiple ways. It was a very good night.

A few years went by, and we met again and started to discuss making beer on a larger scale. From there the idea grew, and Keijo (an process engineer) joined the group.

We studied the craft beer market, started to talk about beers' sustainability and how consumer habits are changing – and how to differentiate from other craft breweries. After pivoting the idea for a few times, we ended up planning the first carbon neutral craft brewery in the world.

Let's make the world a little bit better place for everyone – beer by beer.


Meet the founders

The founders of Everyman's Right Brewery Oy have years of experience in brewing beer, importing and distributing alcoholic beverages, industrial scale production processes, and marketing, sales and entrepreneurship.

From left to right: Jussi, Antti, Keijo

From left to right: Jussi, Antti, Keijo

Jussi Hukkanen

20+ years’ experience in brewing craft beer, importing and distributing alcoholic beverages, and in the restaurant business.

Antti Suikkari

20+ years’ experience in brand building, marketing and building world-class digital services, both in the US and Europe.

Keijo Kemppainen

15+ years’ experience in the chemical industry, quality assurance and industrial processes